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Professional Contractor Management

When entering into a construction contract management is a key aspect. Here at Robee 5 Contracting you can feel fully confident that we will make every decision with your best interest in mind. Our goal is to ensure the over all planning, coordination and control of the project remains on track and your project is financially viable.

Partnering with us at the earliest point in your project gives you the advantage to consult our team and ensure the project starts off on the right foot! We can offer lean budgeting and cost savings, alternative design ideas and innovative scheduling.

Our Services

Home Remodeling

You can rest assured we will get the job done to your specifications and satisfaction the first time, every time. We want to be the BEST contractor & the BEST choice for your business.

Metal Roofing

Compared to traditional asphalt shingles, metal roofing is more durable and is hassle-free. Better yet, no shingles to blow off during storms! Pricing comparable to shingle roofing, and offers a 40 year warranty.

Steel Structures

Restoration, Commercial, Institutional & Industrial Construction. Our team work together to ensure competitive bids, quality construction and budget control for each and every project

Robee 5 Contracting based in Moncton, NB, is a leading general contracting company specializing in interior and exterior home renovations, including additions and Metal roofing. Read More